Reworking Of A Film

I’ve done a reworking of the 90’s rodent romp “Stuart Little”, however, becuase of CGI problems (mainly, I don’t know what those letters are supposed to mean), I have had to change the name to “Stuart a bit bigger Little”. I’ve cast myself as the little cute 6 foot, 45 year old mouse. Meryl Streep will play Hugh Laurie. The film is set in Swansea and if I can get council permission to close all roads in and around the Swansea area, there will be a high speed car chase with extreme close-ups of Swansea quadrant bus terminal. Failing that, there will be a half hour ride on the bendy bus up to Morriston hospital. During the film Stuart (me) will have a fight with a pigeon and ends up kicking it to death.
Music by. now, I wanted to get Little Richard for the little connection but I found out he is dead, so he has turned out useless to me. Ended up getting Adam Ant, who is, in all honesty, much, much, much, much bigger than his name advertises .
Running time 31 minutes (if the traffic is good)
I’m not expecting huge numbers at the box office so tickets will be 22 million pounds each. You can still use your orange Wednesdays thing.