Rob and Nige go for a drive

Awesome day yesterday. Nigel (Nige to his friends) texted me yesterday. This is what the text said. “Cancel lads night in tonight. Let’s make it lads go for a drive”. I was a bit taken aback I must say. Nige is usually a stickler and finds it difficult to break with tradition. I began to think why he was doing this. I was quite worried.

He picked me up at 18.45 (as arranged in a further text (I didn’t tell you about that text because it was just Nige letting me know what time he was picking me up (18.45)). When I saw Nige all my worries vanished. He had the biggest smile in the world, spread across his face (where else? (only joking)). I got in his green Polo 1.4 and there it was. I had never seen anything like it before. Where once an old tape/fm car stereo lived (not literally) was now replaced with a new stereo. “WTF”” (what the flip) I said. “I know. I had some awesome news on Tuesday. My uncle David died and left me £1000 in his will. I only met him once. He was tall.” said Nige. “Awesome’ I said but with a degree of sadness in my voice (respect).

Nige went on to explain that he had the new stereo fitted in Halfords (overall cost £235). He said “it even has Bluetooth”. “But Nige ” I responded “you don’t even have a smartphone” “that’s where you are wrong, my friend” and out of his new jacket he pulled out a shiny phone. It was a Samsung 4. He bought it from CEX.

“Watch this” he fiddled around with his phone, then without warning “I’M TOO SEXY FOR MY CAR, TOO SEXY BY FAR” blasted out of the speakers. He had set it all up. We laughed for around 40 seconds. He told me that he had joined an online music site called “Spotify” he said you could get almost every song in the world. He said he had “downloaded”, Simon and Garfunkel’s greatest hits. He put it on and we headed off.

“Where are we off to then?” I inquired like a cop. “The Gower” said Nige. As I Listened to Mrs Robinson (the song) not my junior school dinner lady)) I couldn’t help thinking, “it’s fine to call your baby Simon, but Garfunkel is such a bad name for an adult, let alone a baby.”

As we reached the start of the Gower we went over a cattle grid. Nige said that he likes going over cattle grids. I said I do too. Because I do. As we drove through the beautiful scenes of the wonderful Gower scenery we saw a dead sheep.

We reached the very end of the Gower. Rhossili, which has a beach that has been called one of the best beaches in the world. It was foggy and dark so we couldn’t see it, but we knew it was there. We sat in the car and Nige dropped this bombshell (not literally), he told me that his Aunty Barbara is going to court.

“Why?” I enquired like a detective. He told me that she is refusing to pay her TV license fee because the only programme she watches is “Countryfile”. I said that she listens to Radio 2 too. Nige said “Alright Rob, she’s an old woman who deserves a break” I said that “rules are rules”.


The tension was thick. We are not very good at confrontation. We just sat there. Then, after a few King minutes, “The Sound of Silence” suddenly came on the Bluetooth stereo. I looked over and Nige had put it on using his new Samsung Smartphone. Well that was it, we laughed for over 1 minute. The brilliant Nige had basically lifted the bad mood in the car like a musical magician. We then had ha great chat. Here is what we talked about;

Sam Allardyce



The River Wye

Alex Jones


The Magnificent Seven

Movies with colours in their name


Then Nige told me a great story about a sailor and a ladder, then we set off home. On the way back we cranked it up a bit, music-wise. Nige put on Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell” and turned the volume up to number 12. We felt 12 years old again. We stopped at Dick Barton’s chip shop in West Cross, rumored to have the best chips in Swansea. They were ok but they didn’t have Vimto. So that was bad.

Nige dropped me off, before I got out I said “I’m sorry we argued earlier.”

“I’m sorry too” said Nige, apologetically “if bff’s (best flipping friends) can’t argue, then who can” we high fived and went home.

What an awesome evening. Full of music and conversation and traveling. Nige is such an understanding friend. I still feel I’m right about his aunty Barbara though.